Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

So Jen at Conversion Diary has made this cool banner. Very official.


Is it too early for nesting? Everywhere I look, I feel this overwhelming urge to purge and clean. I have learned from experience to proceed in an organized manner, otherwise I will just make more of a mess.


I pulled out a few of my "birthing books", but have absolutely no desire or patience to read any of it. I guess "been there, done that". With all the previous pregnancies I was so anxious about the birth, I would read obsessively about it. This time, not at all. Is the difference that I am older, calmer, more wise? Or have I just forgotten more, and therefore will be blindsided when the day actually comes? I don't know, but I can say for certain pregnancy is more pleasant when I am not consumed with fear and dread. Imagine that.


I have been concentrating on eating healthy, really since right before I found out I was pregnant. What I notice the most is things like donuts sound disgusting to me now. I get a stomach ache from thinking about eating a donut. I still love chocolate chip/pecan cookies, though. But mostly, sugary food has lost much of it's appeal to me. Steel cut oats with dried cherries is now delicious. I never thought it could happen.


I am a classic pack rat. And yet I have taken bags of things to the trash this week. I want to be free! And while I haven't broken my thrift store habit completely, I have walked out of Goodwill empty handed two times in a row. A record for me.


I love, love, love sunlight streaming in my window and shining through the heart shaped colored bottles I have collected on the window sill. Blue, amber, red, clear, yellow and cobalt. Makes me so happy.


When the baby moves, I just can not believe how satisfying a feeling it is. I know I will miss it when the baby is born. I am so loving being pregnant.


Lastly, I have been listening over and over to Handel's Messiah since Christmas. I can't get enough. Is it possible to have music cravings during pregnancy?


Blogger Mimi said...

Yes, you can have music cravings and enjoy.

I think you could WRITE the birthing book. Continued prayers.

January 24, 2009  

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