Monday, January 12, 2009

What is in store for this day?

On Tap for this week~

Full school schedule, with some fluffing up. We are adding bird watching (we have a bird feeder right outside the classroom window), and for the little ones, we are adding dictation and copy book, using the Beginner's Bible all my older children used. I want to do much more, of course, by if I have learned one thing in the 10 years of homeschooling it is baby steps, and do. not. add. too. much. at. once.

Also, St. Paraskeva's place re-opens this week, so I have to go tidy up the studio and should have updates again soon. I am still working on the Samaritan Woman at the Well. She waits for me.

And, I have to begin clearing space for the baby nook. None of my babies, except the first one, have had their own ROOM. They usually get a corner in my room. I have 8-10 weeks to do this, and it will take that long. I have to move out some things, repaint some things, empty a dresser and then fill it back up with cute little pink, ruffly things.

Another midwife appointment this week, picking up some new glasses and choir rehearsals will keep me hopping this week.

I also began again to use "The Better Part" prayer book this morning, and will try to incorporate it into lunchtime reading with the kids. We'll see. It is worth a try.

Have a blessed week!


Blogger Unknown said...

So... You are feathering your nest as well? :o)

January 13, 2009  
Blogger Suzanne said...

March 7th is my older sister's good birthday...meaning it was really good when she came into the world..I mean I'm sure glad she did! :)
Anyway, won't be long! Take care.

January 13, 2009  

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