Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A new day, a new begining!

At the moment, I am not sweating, although it is supposed to be just as hot today as yesterday. I am thinking we will go to Treader Joe's today, and then to Old Navy, and then to lunch. Then to my mom's. Yeah, I am a wimp, and wilt, then melt when it is in the upper 90's with 78% humidity. So we'll find free air conditioning somewhere.

Last night our tree guy came over, and gave our BIG TREE a 10 percent chance of survival. This was done after surveying the dig, and the damage it did to the tree. Last night it seemed like we had to figure out how to cut it down IMMEDIATELY, but now we realize this isn't a crisis. It's a huge tree, and it will not die overnight. We can have it cut down after the addition is framed in, or even next spring, for that matter. It is sad. This is a gorgeous tall pin oak, that gives shade to our house and patio. On 3 acres of woods, it is the only pin oak we have. It will be missed. We designed the entire addition around this tree. We had to cut down 5 other tree for this addition, so we have great fire wood, and lots of it. Locust, hickory, ash, oak. Now more oak. Maybe we should start a new business!!

We also pulled all the old bushes from around our home, so there truly is dirt every where. My lovely sister in law came over yesterday to plan our new landscaping. She helped me draw a plan, short term and long term, for my yard. This simple activity did assist me in seeing past the current upheaval, and have a vision for the future. I bought a rotisserie chicken, so I wouldn't heat up the house, and we had it with stawberries and salad, and French Lemonade from Trader Joe's. It really was quite lovely. After lunch we walked around the yard, and identified places of refuge from the disuption around the addition. So I will move the badminton set there today, and our picnic table, and a kiddie pool. Our own little park.

I feel bad how negative I seemed last night, after all, this is a blessing to add on to our home. I see how tenuous my emotions are, and a little heat, noise, and disruption really changes my view of the world. I'm guessing this addition will be good practice for me to "Let it ride" and relax, be more constant. It's either that, or it will push me over the edge completely. HMMMM, I choose the former over the latter. That will be my prayer!!


Blogger Philothea Rose said...

Definite prayers, because I have heard that home improvement stuff can be so stressful, just because of the chaos. Not that you need to be reminded of that... :)

June 09, 2005  

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