Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yet another update

While I have a few moments for a break, I thought I would update. The framing has begun on the new addition, and the new garage is almost entirely framed in.

The demolition on the inside of the house will take place next week. This entails the linen closet and the current master bathroom. So, I have to relocate all the stuff in both places, and then we will all be using one bathroom.

So, today, my project is to clean up outside, and haul all the debris lying around out of the way, because tomorrow we are having our annual Nativity of St. John the Baptist bonfire and smore-fest. I have mowed down a new path back to the fire-pit, since the old way is blocked by a huge load of lumber and a large dumpster. Then, I used our tractor and chain to haul away small evergreens that were pulled out during the excavation and put them on the burn pile for tomorrow. I just finished this up and came in to take one of the last showers in my current bathroom, and lo! no water. Turns out an outside pipe broke, and we will be without water a bit more of the day.

It hasn't rained here for a loooonnnggg time, and everything is wilted and brown. The dust is horrendous. Of course if it rains now, the back yard will be somehat of a muck pit, since all the grass is long since ruined. BUT, we do have AC, so we are quite compfy.

I will post later about our St. John the Baptist party, and include the blessing of fire that Fr. does. We are also having our foundation blessed, and all the lumber that will be used. When the bricks get here, he'll come back and bless those.

Anyway, baby girl took 5 steps in a row today, so I predict by next week, I'll see her on her feet more often than not. She is delighted with herself, and this is bittersweet for me. So cute, gone in a flash. Blink, and it's gone. *Sigh*


Blogger Adinah said...

Ahhhhh!! I let out a nice big sigh....your little pookie walking!! Isn't life just amazing? Your house sounds exciting....come here....we have plenty of water and more on the way....I look forward to refilling my sinkhole, again! I think it's gophers.....I would love to come to the smores party...blessings on your new house!

June 23, 2005  
Blogger Adinah said...

rene, glad you are not my therapist!! and I mean that in a nice way....that's why I started counting on my fingers...:)

June 24, 2005  
Blogger Kate said...

Wow, you sounds busy!

When you have a chance though, I would love it if you would weigh in here:

Take care of yourself and that lovely brood of yours!

June 25, 2005  

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