Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So far, so bad

Wow, I had no idea how MESSY a house addition is. We have a HUGE hole in our yard, numerous HUGE piles of dirt, a "road" through the backyard, and a HUGE pin oak tree that more than likely will die because of the dig. I have HUGE amounts of sweat pouring from everyplace, as the AC was disconnected. The weather promptly cooperated by turning hot and humid. With any luck it will get reconnected on Friday, but the weather is supposed to continue hot, with a chance of thunderstorms every day for a week. The kids love climbing in the dirt, and so I have HUGE amounts of dirt in the house, and it is so hot in here I can not bear to clean as much as I need to. The kids are in bed, sleeping in their lightest pj's, with fans blowing on them. There is absolutely no breeze to speak of. This has been two days of high anxiety, noise, and too few deep breaths. I am going to go take another shower now, and sleep on the couch, under a ceiling fan, because even my husband's body heat would be more than I could bear right now. YUK. I hope this experience improves, or I am going to a hotel.


Blogger Kate said...

Oh, that sounds awful! I have no AC as well, but then I never did, so that's no biggie. Sorry to hear how the addition work is inconveniencing you. Just keep your eye on the goal - all that extra space you'll have!

June 08, 2005  
Blogger Adinah said...

come to florida, we're having a tropical storm!!

June 10, 2005  

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