Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here We Go Again!

I spent a long time looking over the Girls, Inc. web site. Most of it didn't bother me, although what did bother me was what wasn't there. No reference to possibly being a wife and mother someday that I could find. There were suggestions for reading material regarding gender issues for parents and girls. There was a statement supporting a women's right to choose as stated in Roe v. Wade. They supported political involvement for girls by giving info on contacting elected officials, state by state (not a problem, of course), and then gave current and past legislation, state by state. I have no problem with this. Then they give Girls, Inc.'s position on the legislation, and encourage girls to contact their representatives. This is political advocacy. In my state, they opposed a bill that encourages abstinence only sex ed in the schools. Girls, Inc. supports an abstinence "plus" program, similar to Planned Parenthood's programs.

I know birth control, gender issues, and abortion are a rather small part of what Girls, Inc. does. But it is an evil lie to make a girl think it is ever a good thing to kill her own child so she can persue her dreams. It is a grave omission to not inform girls that having an abortion can put their health at risk, both physically and mentally. Besides, if there was only a small amount of dog-doo in a pan of brownies, would you still eat them?

Okay, so does a fund-raiser by American Girl for Girls, Inc. deserve my outrage? American Girl was chosen by our family as an acceptable toy on which to spend a great deal of time, as well as money. We whole-heartedly endorsed their products, because they reinforced the values we hold dear, such as innocence, kindness, diligence, and modesty. American Girl dolls stand head and shoulders over most other dolls on the market, but are much more expensive. My girls really look up to American Girl, and believe what they say. This is why I am so disappointed in this endorsement of American Girl for Girls, Inc. My girls now can not trust AG, and feel betrayed. Sort of like when a favorite sports hero is caught doing drugs. A big let down.

I don't know if this will be resolved, as it appears AG is really digging in their heels. My girls and my dh went down to the AG store the day after Thanksgiving and took part in a peaceful protest. They walked in front of the store, in a circle, carrying signs saying, "Girls for Life". They didn't say anything. Some of the other adults had fliers that they handed to the adults going in the store explaining why this protest was taking place. That was it. Here is the statement AG released that day, "We are appalled that this radical group is using intimidation to create a disturbing situation for young girls and their families. Given this group's purported focus on family values, we find it particularly hypocritical and shocking hat these protesters are deliberately accosting innocent children with inappropriate and distressing messages to simply further their own political agenda."

First of all, their was no intimidation. The only yelling was by pro-abortion supporters driving by. Their was no "accosting", there was no inappropriate and distressing message. The only message was "Girls for Life", "Mom's for Life" and "Dad's for life". I just asked my dh, and he said there were a few circle with a slash through Girls, Inc, and American Girl, like 2, compared to 30 Girls for life signs. Their statement was purely false, and sounds like a Planned Parenthood press release. This really, really makes me mad. This made my girls cry, because they said they feel like AG is now their enemy. They feel like AG thinks my girls are their enemy. Not true. The only reason my girls would take the time to be interviewed, protest, and be on T.V. and in the newspaper, is because they love AG, and want it to go back to being just a toy store. This whole thing is giving me a headache.

The girls have wanted to do every public statement in which we have participated. They are now growing weary of the controversy and ready to just get other dolls, and other doll clothes. I hate to see them so demoralized, feeling as though their efforts are having no effect. I hope the lessons they learn from this are worth the emotional toll it is taking on them. After tomorrow, we are done with the media and American Girl. Please pray for us, that we can state our thoughts clearly and charitably, and that we can have some good effect.


Blogger Nevermore said...

It is apparent that American Girls want to alienate all those who oppose abortion, so be it. It is disheartening to have your image of something turn out to be other than you had thought, especially something that you are fond of or close to, but it is a good lesson to learn. All that we see is not as it appears. There can be evil disguising itself as good and it is important to see examples and experience this so that one does not let down their guard against evil. The only way to protect yourself and your kids is to be unbending in your stance against that which you believe to be wrong. Overlooking the little things is a slippery slope that allows greater things to be overlooked eventually. Even though I think you are right to no longer support AG, just remember to let the girls know that it is ok to still love their dolls. After all, just because a parent is bad, doesn’t mean necessarily that the child is bad. I respect what you are doing as it is a difficult thing to stand up to the scrutiny of the overwhelmingly opposed public eye. God Bless
ps, you earned that glass of whiskey

December 01, 2005  
Blogger Possum Pearl said...

*Hugs-a-bunch* for those beutiful girls of yours. I feel so bad that this has affected so many little girls and parents much in this same way. I applaud you for your stand. *Applauding wildly*

December 02, 2005  
Blogger Mairin :o) said...

I am very proud of you and your girls for being visibly prolife. Your girls are very brave to hold this company accountable to live up to the standards promoted by the American Girls series. More people should do that.

Remember the beatitude: "..Blessed are you when people hate you and persecute you because of Me.."

Tell them they are standing up for Jesus!

December 02, 2005  
Blogger Philothea Rose said...


It can be so discouraging, standing up for what is right, and in that processing continuing to DO what is right when the other side is going about it completely wrong! Their approach just shows the weakness of their stance, because if their position was morlly right, they wouldn't NEED to attack you or the cause and make up lies about the protest.

December 05, 2005  
Blogger rita said...

I'm so proud of you and your family for all you have done to educate yourselves and US about this company. You and your daughters have great courage.
God bless!

December 06, 2005  
Blogger Lisa said...

I hope the interview went well.

December 08, 2005  

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