Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Advent Icon

In this icon, which I wrote 3 years ago, Mary is shown with "He whom the heavens can not contain" contained in her womb. An important note, taught by this icon, on the role of Mary, the Theotokos, in our lives. In this icon, her hands are lifted in an "Orans" positions, or praying position. Christ's hands, even as he resides in the womb, are lifted in a blessings position. The distinction is clear, the Theotokos prays for us, Christ Blesses us. Mary intercedes for us with her prayers, Christ redeemed us. Mary is a creature, a pure and marvelous creature, Christ is God. Quite a lot of theology in this icon, isn't there?


Blogger owenswain said...

Lot's of theological goodness here and on your other blog.

December 02, 2008  

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