Saturday, March 05, 2005

10 things I've done that I bet you haven't

Saw this around town as well (most recently at Scattershot Direct - on my sidebar).

1. Gone to the World Series, in Box Seats (KC vs. St. Louis, late 80's)
2. Been part of a truly first rate marching band, like the kind you see on T.V.
3. Come home (while still living at my parents) and find the big oak in the back yard on fire. Calmly checking with my brothers about why is the tree on fire, again.
4. Been in a serious car accident, and unexplainably escaping injury-free. (My seat was smashed against the steering wheel. I was between the two, and had not a bruise).
5. Dissected a human cadavar.
6. Helped someone take their first steps again after a spinal cord injury
7. Helped someone learn to sit up by herself after she had a head injury. Being there every day, twice a day, to help her learn to sit, transfer, stand, walk, and drive. Cry with her, be exhausted with her, baske in the joy when she lives on her own.
8. Go on a blind date, get engaged 6 weeks later. Get married 7 months later.
9. Give birth standing, 3 times
10. Get surrounded by the police in a bank, while the bank manager says, "I want her arrested." (Long story, but it was all a mistake.)


Blogger Anne said...

Well, number 8 is my husband and I. Blind date in Las Vegas, engaged six weeks later, engaged seven months later. Baby within 9 months of marriage. We so don't like to waste time. :-)

March 06, 2005  
Blogger Nevermore said...

(#3)...AGAIN, 'cause once just wasn't enough. In fact, I should probably head back to the old house and light another oak up. It'll give the new owners something to ponder for years too...

March 07, 2005  
Blogger ~pen~ said...

#9 - are you kidding me? like doing that once wasn't enough?

i again state: you are my hero.

carry on.

March 07, 2005  
Blogger Anne said...

I was reading the other great comments, when I realized that I put engaged twice in mine. We were engaged six weeks later and MARRIED seven months later. I swear I have the ability to write, it just leaves me from time to time. :-)

March 08, 2005  

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