Friday, June 03, 2005

One Adventure complete, another begins

Well, the shopping trip went well; we got everything we needed, and Father got a little idea of my life. A dose of domestic reality is always an eye opener for a monk/priest. I can only imagine what went through a few people's minds seeing a priest, a woman and seven children with two baskets of food.

The kiddos were very well behaved, helpful, and the little 4 were slightly in awe, as they had never been to Sam's Club before. It reminded a few of them of "Madam Blueberry", with the infamous STUFFMART.

So tomorrow is our last day before dh returns, and I wonder if it's normal that I really didn't miss him. I don't dread him returning or anything, but the break from his nervous energy did me some good. I guess, as I am discovering about so many areas of my life, I have idealistic vision of myself as a wife and mother, and it doesn't resemble the actuality all that much.

On another front, our addition should break ground on Monday. This is gonna be another grand adventure. Hang on for the ride!!


Blogger Adinah said...

reality seldom does look the way we think it should......I remember this "special" moment when my husband was bemoaning something.........probably no meatballs in the sauce, I can't remember, when I informed him I wasn't "Donna Reed" and he certainly wasn't Mr(Dr.) Reed and he needed to stop watching so much Nickleodeon....."we don't live in TV Land" I screeched......screeched....I could see the disappointment in his face and it took him a couple months to reckon himself to the fact that indeed married life wasn't like TV...where DO they get these ideas. Glad things went at shop-o-rama.....told you the Priest would gain a healthy respect for motherhood! can't wait to hear the saga of your home edition.....please feel free to use curse words.

June 03, 2005  
Blogger Julie said...

There have been many times when Jay would pack up the munchkin and head to his mom's for the weekend and I would get to stay home alone and do whatever I wanted. He always called it my "baby-free" time. I never really missed either of them, but when they came back home Sunday evening it was always nice to see them. Of course, a few hours later I sometimes wished they hadn't come back so soon.

June 04, 2005  

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