Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another new addition

I just added another new blog to my roll, at the top, called A View From Our Porch Swing. A mom of 9, she sounds cheerful and encouraging, and I hope to gain inspiration. Go check her out!

High ho, high ho, it's to the pumps we go

After hearing of the devestation in the Gulf Coast, I realized my van was sucking fumes, and in case there are shortages here, I thought I better go fill up. The sign was being changed to $2.99 a gallon as I drove in. As I began to pump, I saw the price was still $2.79. So, I saved six bucks for responding quickly to my husbands request to fill up the van. On the way home, I thought to myself that I never thought I would celebrate only spending $75.00 on a tank of gas.

I know this is so trivial compared to the devistation in the Gulf states. I am not trying to belittle it. I only realized the extent of the damage today, as I don't watch the news, get a newspaper or listen to talk radio. It was the blogs that tipped me off. Anyway, in pondering what I could do, besides pray, I thought I would try to go about my daily duties as effectively, cheerfully, and diligently as I could, and offer my day for the relief of suffering. It's all I could think to do in the immediacy of this tragedy.

Anyway, I usually don't get a receipt from the gas station, but today I did, because I have a sneaking suspicion it will be the cheapest gas I see in a looooong time. Also, I want to remember to offer my days for suffering souls even after this tragedy has lessened. There is always suffering, and I want to remember that I am not powerless against it.

Friday, August 26, 2005

And yet another

Lisa at My Spirit is another interesting site. She is new to the blogging world, so stop by and say "Hi".

Another addition

I have been meaning to do this for a while, but when I read today that this is her blogiversary, I decided this is the day. Rebecca at Doxology is interesting, talented, faithful, and has the coolest glasses. I enjoy reading her blog, and hope you do to!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Straight out of Beatrix Potter

Another wildlife encounter here at crazyacres. While a pile of lumber was being moved, a little mommy mouse ran off and a nest and four baby mice were discovered. The 5 year old dd ran inside, got a cereal bowl and placed the babies in the bowl. They were little, pink, squeaking, eyes closed, and helpless. The adults present (some of the workers here at the addition) said we should just squish them, as there are already too many mice around. This horrified my children. "But they're just BABIES!"

After everyone had gotten a good look, we put the babies in another pile of wood that isn't getting moved today, and where the mom mouse had run. Everyone went inside, except my 12 year old ds. I had told the kiddos that they would probably die, but just in case let's put them where the mom might find them. I didn't think she would come back, but didn't really know what else to do. Shortly afterwards, ds came in with a little smile, and told me he had quietly knelt there, and soon the mom came back, and carried the four wee ones away, one at a time. He was quite pleased, I could tell, but his smile was one of the bite-the-cheeks-so my-emotions-don't-show type so common in boys his age.

Why did we try to save the little mice? I don't know exactly, because we don't really like it when they get into the house, which is every fall. But they were helpless, and doing no harm, and they were alive. I especially thought it was sweet how pleased my boy was. Can tenderness every be a bad thing?

Construction ahead

Just the other night, I was driving home rather late from my dear sister-in-law's home. She lives in the country, with a beautiful farm and 5 acres. I had stayed after a garden club meeting for a while, and was driving home on the tollway through farm country. Now, I don't have the best vision in the world, and at night, in the dark country, I am more uncertain.

I was tooling along, listening to a totally cool new CD, when up ahead, I noticed many baracades, flashing lights, reflectors, and orange merging signs. Obviously construction of some sort, but what concerned me was I could not see which direction the road went. I did have the orange signs indicating it would curve to the left, but all I could see ahead were the baracades. Sitting up straighter, holding the steering wheel with both hands, my grip becoming much tigher, and a little sweaty, I squinted and strained to tell what was up ahead. Increasingly nervous, I was trying to get an idea before I got to the detour where I would have to go. Depite my most valiant attempts, no amount of straining the eye or prognostications could tell me where I was to go. I realized I would just have to wait until I got there before I would be able to see which way the road went.

BAM!!! Then it hit me. I need to live my life this way. I spend so much energy straining and struggling to figure out which way my life is going to turn, I feel as if I am white-knuckling each day. Struggling, straining, sweating, worrying, wondering. I am tired, and tense. It is so exhausting to try to know the future. As I learned in a very real way just the other night, if I just relax, follow the road until I get to the uncertainty, I will be able to see and navigate the curves in my road.

I haven't had such a moment of clarity in a long time. I have been praying about all the fears I have, asking Our Lord to ease my mental burdens. This lesson was so perfect, I heard His message loud and clear. Let today's troubles be sufficiant for the day. He will lead me through the curves and narrow passages, but not until I get there.

Hope you all have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

But it's okay

Well, I just noticed I got removed from someone's blogroll. I really hadn't paid attention to that sort of thing before, and just stumbled upon it now. First, sinking feeling, why, what did I do, then saying, well, my blog is kind of boring. Well, at least I had a turn there, oh well. It's okay. Whew. Got through this with only mild self doubt. There was a day this would have caused me to shut the whole thing down. Guess I am making progress, after all. Funny thing, is there was a poll over at martha, martha while I was on vacation about just this sort of thing. I read it, smugly thought to myself, well, this hasn't happened as far as I know, and it probably wouldn't matter to me, anyway. Well, now I know. It does, a little, but it's okay.

Yet another book finished that is not on my original reading list for this year.

While I was on our wonderful vacation, I was able to read one entire book. I haven't read a book that quickly in years, although I used to do so quite frequently. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, titled "The Secret Life of Bees". I have heard of this book before, and am wondering if anyone else had read it. I found it easy reading, and while certainly sad, the book touched upon the Big Question - Am I Loved? It was hopeful, loving, and uplifting, despite the tragic circumstances that occur in the story. It addresses Mary the Mother of God in some rather unusual, but not disrespectful, ways. Truly, this was a book I was sad to finish, and definately worth the time invested in reading it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

word verification

I put a word verification thing on my comments, as I was getting cr*p from spammers in the comment box. If this is too much trouble, and it keeps you from commenting, let me know and I'll take it off. I just HATE cluttering up my blog with irritating soliciters. Please let me know, though, because I would rather have irritation than no comments. Blessings!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

We're Baaack!

Well, the floor is sandy, the laundry room is piled high, and the coffee is made -- we're back. We had a WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS time. I don't remember if I mentioned previously that this trip was an extended family trip, that included my folks, two of my three brothers and their wives and children. We stayed at a camp that has a group of cabins, a lodge with a GLORIOUS kitchen, a shower house and a beach. They had canoes, a paddle boat, a pier, a raft with a slide, beach umbrellas, lots of swim and sand toys, as well as inside toys in the lodge. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Many times during the week, I felt like quite possibly this was the best vacation we have ever had.

The first day was a little rough, trying to establish the logistics and division of labor, but once that was smoothed out, it was terrific. The images that just burn into my brain are watching the kids (there were 18 of them all togeter) play on the beach. One day I took our one year old down to the beach - an experience entirely new to her. She had on her little swim suit, and I put a bandana on her head to protect her from the sun. She loved the sand, and sat there putting it in a bucket, squishing it in her hands, and squealing with delight. She looked like a little Hummel baby, fat rosy cheeks peeking out from the bandana, chubby fists holding the shovel, pudgy little feet burrowing into the sand. *sigh*. My 7 year old ds loved canoing. He was out at the break of day, waiting for my mom to get up so they could get out on the lake. He just went on and on, "Don't you just love this, Grammy, isn't this beautiful. It's so quiet, so nice. Isn't this wonderful, Grammy?" The other kids are brown as berries, after having spent so many hours in the water. There are a few peeling shoulders and noses, despite the regular application of sunscreen.

One night my sister in law and brother broke out their guitars, and played songs from "O Brother Where Art Thou". Everyone has this soundtrack, and all the kids know the songs, so all 26 of us were singing along, enjoying the evening. When the music began, there were maybe 10 kids in the immediate area, but after a song or two, all the rest wandered over. It was lovely.

I have many more wonderful moments to relate, but this is all the time I have for now. Gotta get back to the laundry and other stuff, so until next time, blessings to you all.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

And we're off!

The clan at crazyacres is off for our camping trip. We are all looking forward to fun in the sun, and lots of free time. I won't probably post until next weekend, so I will leave you with a few quotes from the kiddos.

"Hey momma, do you get milk from a cow?"
"Do you get milk from a goat?"
"Do you get milk from you?"
"Yeah, but you don't have to go like this --" at which time 7 year old ds puts his hands in the air and milks an imaginary cow, "do you?"


Overheard as dd was changing the baby's diaper.
"Whoa, you gotta come in here and see this! It's the squarest poop I have ever seen!"
Of course I had to go see, and yes, it was square, and no, we don't know how the baby managed it.


5 year old dd was slowly waking up, lying on her back with her legs crossed, sucking her thumb. She popped her thumb out, put on a thoughtful look, and said,
"All people are special, aren't they momma, because they have God in their hearts."
Resisting the urge to pat myself on the back for raising such an angelic child, I told you yes, that was true, and asked who had told her so.
"I just thought of it," she said, and as she popped her thumb back in her mouth, I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving.

And with that, I wish you all a terrific week, and many blessings.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ever have a party because your room was finally clean?

Much has been accomplished around crazyacres in the last week. For the last 3 nights, we have had a celebration that all the rooms are clean, even under the bed, at the same time. All clean laundry is put away. Many large containers are ready to take to Goodwill. We are mostly packed for our camping trip on Monday, and ready to entertain dh's brother and sister-in-law Friday through Sunday. I have lists typed out and in sheet protectors, I have a menu ready, and all the school bookcases organized. Whew.

Two nights ago, I had a "party" in my room. I bought a new alarm clock, as our old one wore out from all the pounding of the snooze button. The new one has a CD player, so I put on a little Nat King Cole, lit a few candles, and enjoyed the solitude. The kids were all in bed, there was lightening in the night sky, and the music was smooth. In a few minutes, I had company.

My three year old ds came in dragging his pillow. "I want yoouuu." He doesn't like lightening, and so he snuggled in under the covers. Next, baby was fussy, and the five year old dd brought her in, and decided to stay. Then I saw a medium sized head peeking in our door, and it was 9 year old dd, who asked, "Can we come in?" "We" being she and my 10 year old dd, as they do pretty much everything together and use "we" much more than "I".

Next, my eldest child, 12 year old ds, peeked in and found a spot. I sent him to go get his 7 year old brother as I didn't want him to be left out, but he was already asleep. So we all hung out, listening to music, watching the candle light bounce off the ceiling, with the soothing sound of a few people sucking their thumbs in the background. Finally, dh came in, wondering where I had gone, and said, "Wow, we have alot of kids." I reminded him we were even missing one, and all of a sudden, we both felt the joy of abundance. You know, you get all caught up in the work and worry of things, and then overlook the 'why' and 'how' of all this work and worry. Where did these little people come from, and how is it we are so graced as to be their parents? The abundance of it all is overwhelming at times, and it literally brings tears to our eyes. Truly, the Holy Spirit is in all places, and fills all things.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Helloooo out there

Boy, have we been busy. It's been good, but busy. Dh has been hosting a big meeting, which meant he was either gone, or here with guests. We have had numerous friends over, went on a day trip, and are now preparing for our family camping trip. I also am getting ready to have company, say goodbye to my brother (which means another party), and get the house ready for the new school year, which begins in one month. So far I haven't even disassembled last year, or ordered any of this years books, or filled out any of the paperwork for the kiddo's extra activities. SO, the busy part will not subside.

So, when a profound, or funny, or meaningful thought hits me, its usually long gone before I get back to the computer.

Bear with me, and I will try to be more interesting. Until then, peace, joy, and happiness to you all, who ever you are.

Monday, August 01, 2005


I just haven't had the time or the ability to concentrate enough to write a decent post. I have had many ideas, but just can't develope them. Here is one. Saturday, in advance of my birthday tomorrow, I got a day just to browse some of the little botique shops a few towns over. One place had the artwork of this guy. Ayekah highlights his work often, so I enjoyed looking through the prints. This one absolutely took my breath away. Might be a life changing moment for me. I'll keep you updated ;D