Friday, July 29, 2005

Some additions

I stumbled upon this blog one night when my dh was gone for the evening and the kiddos were in bed. I read almost all the archives, too. I was sitting here, at my desk, with a cold Summerfest beer, guacamole and chips. I hardly got to eat or drink, because I was laughing so hard. Tears streaming down my face. I sounded like a Baptist in church, "AMEN SISTER" My oldest son came out of his room once to see what was so funny. I told him he just wouldn't understand. Oh, what relief to my weary spirits, to laugh, to see the joy in the life of a mom of many. I literally saw my entire life differently the next day. Opportunities for humor abound in a house full of irrational creatures. This particular lady, Chris, has a way of relaying this humor so well that you just can't not laugh. She also has a talent for hitting the tender moments just right. She nails it. She loves her family, she struggles, she embraces her life with humor, vigor and a fierce devotion. Definatly worth every minute I spent there

This blog is so interesting becasue she has a talent for asking wonderfully thought provoking questions. I find I can get so bogged down in duties, that I don't always think about what I am doing and why. Some of Carmen's reflections are serious, some are less so, but they all reflect the life of a devoted, loving mother. More than that, though, they reflect the life of a vibrant, interesting woman.

I have added these two to my sidebar, the first is The Big Yellow House, the second is Mom to the Screaming Masses. Check them out if you want a good read.


Blogger Adinah said...

thnaks for the tip, I have read "screaming"..she is good....I'll go visit the Yellow house. Humor we can all use.....speaking of which....I kind of have a little problem....I can't get Mongo Sandy(pants) as I have renamed him, out of my head. It's such a catchy little name, and have resorted to calling boy dog Mongo on occaison! Think I need help?

July 29, 2005  

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